Station Road from Carlton Road to Coldharbour Lane

Stakers Lane wound its way from Harpenden High Street to the Lea Valley through farm land with few signs of dwellings until the arrival of the railways, first at Harpenden East in 1860 (the Hertford, Luton and Dunstable link to the Great Northern Railway at Hatfield) and at Harpenden Central in 1867 (goods) and 1868 (passengers).  It was lowered to pass under the Midland line, and by the mid 1880s the cutting and entry to Milton Road had been consolidated.  It was not re-named Station Road until 1892.

The varying styles of houses indicate the largely piece-meal development, including cottages and New Farm near Harpenden East station. 


Page link: A walk along Station Road before 1914
A walk along Station Road before 1914
Late Victorian and Edwardian houses on the northern side, from Carlton Road to Marquis Lane corner
Page link: Croft Nurseries, MacDonald, father and sons
Croft Nurseries, MacDonald, father and sons
Turf specialists at 29 Station Road
Page link: More from Station Road
More from Station Road
Eclectic mix of photos of the first road I lived in
Page link: The Harpenden Ink Factory
The Harpenden Ink Factory
at 70 Station Road - now Kinloch Court
Page link: William Sparrow, Harpenden builder
William Sparrow, Harpenden builder
and Patentee in 1888