The Harpenden Races - 1837-1914

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Reprint of Eric Brandreth's 1981 booklet

By Rosemary Ross

Eric Brandreth's account of The Harpenden Races has long been out of print. The Society has commissioned a reprint, to mark the centenary of the last race on 7 May 1914. 

Our publicity was so successful that we sold all available copies on Discovery Day, 14 June 2014. However the Committee is considering ordering a reprint, so please let us know if you would like to reserve a copy, by phoning 01582 764359 (Diana Parrott) or 01582 715399 (Gavin & Rosemary Ross), price £3. 

Or by post, using the order form attached below- without enclosing a cheque at this stage.

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