Burglary at Bowling Alley, 1846

From the Hertford Mercury & Reformer, 26 December 1846

This first appeared in Newsletter 126, August 2015

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‘Davis, Reverend’ is listed in the Harpenden Tithe Award Schedule (1842) as the occupant of property 1127, a house and garden owned by Eliza Lines. The property is currently the ‘Skew Bridge’ public house (formerly 'The Queen's Head') in the area once known as ‘Bowling Alley’.

No other references to a Reverend J. Davis in Harpenden have been found. The ‘J’ may be a misprint for ‘H’ as several references to a Reverend H. Davis have been found, mainly in the British Newspaper Archive. He was the first Minister of the Independent Chapel in Amenbury Lane, which opened in 1840.

Davis (or both of them) was a dissenting minister.

In 1846 the Curate at the parish church of St Nicholas was the Reverend H. Addington.

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