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Hi. I grew up at 15 Coleswood Road which my parents bought from the Co-op in 1968. Although plenty of people remember it being a shop we've not been able to find any information or photos of it prior to it being converted to a house. I wonder if anyone had any information they could share. 

Ed: we thought we had a photo of the Cravells Road Co-op, but this turned out to be of the Co-op Butcher's shop at 137 Southdown Road. Do you have a photo of the house around 1968?

By Alison Tilbury
On 10/01/2017

Mike and Diana Ansell lived at No 42 from 1970 to 1972/73 with their baby daughter Adele. Lovely house backing on to open fields, now built on I'm afraid.

By Diana Hennell
On 10/06/2020