The Plough And Harrow


By Tyler Nash

The Plough and Harrow was probably a beer house long before the Tithe Awards period because the 17th Century owners, the Catlins, were brewers.

17th and 18th Century sources refer to Bennetts Butts, a name applied to two cottages and a barn standing in an acre of land on the site of the Plough and Harrow

One of the two Breweries that stood in Harpenden High Street was run by Benjamin Bennetts. His monogram, BB, can be seen on the gables of the Plough and Harrow.

Information drawn from Book V of Wheathampstead and Harpenden (History Publishing Society, 1991)

Photo:Watercolour by Edith Salisbury 1912

Watercolour by Edith Salisbury 1912

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Photagraph 2011

John Marlow

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