The old barn

Photo:Aldwickbury Farm barns, 1950s

Aldwickbury Farm barns, 1950s

Michael Richmond

Aldwickbury Farm

By Julius Bertram

Does anyone have any photo's of the barn that was part of the farm at the top of Piggotshill?  It's now a golf course I think.

Ed.  We are delighted that this query has been answered after spending 16 months on our website - see the comments and link below!

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I think I will be able to help you. Which barn are you referring to, the one made from brick with a tiled roof, the old tithe barn or the barn which used to stand on the side of the lane?

By Michael Richmond
On 21/03/2013

Julius, I have now posted some photos. The page is called Aldwickbury Farm.

By Michael Richmond
On 21/03/2013

I am trying to pinpoint where Sir Geoffrey deHavilland lived in the 1940s. He left Aldwick House Farm, Piggotts Hill Lane in 1946. Did the old Farmhouse become a mansion? Was it pulled down or was it incorporated in the school? Any information welcome.

By Mr Garth Rogers
On 23/05/2013

Garth, Did you find this information in the London Gazette of 15th October, 1946? Aldwick Farm House is what is known as Aldwickbury Manor, which was the farm house and is still standing at the top of Piggotts Hill Lane/Wheathampstead Road. Hope this is useful.

Ed. Aldwickbury School started in the house called High Firs which is still part of the school.

By Michael Richmond
On 28/05/2013

Michael. Got info from a book called "A very British Sound Barrier". Thanks for location of the original farmhouse. Tried to access London Gazette for 1946 but after initial success I was blocked. Sir Geoffrey left after his son was killed in a DH108. I don't know when he took up residence. 

By Garth Rogers
On 04/06/2013

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