War Comes to Roundwood

Photo:An air raid warden's whistle

An air raid warden's whistle

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The Air Raid Warden and his Whistle on 3 September 1939

By John Wyborn

It was a Sunday morning and my Uncle Len and Auntie Elaine from London were staying with us. After much radio tuning and thumping of our ancient loudspeaker, the Prime Minister's voice was heard announcing that we were at war with Germany. 

Twenty minutes later war broke out in Roundwood Park. Mr Stretton ran along the road wearing his ARP armband and blowing his air raid whistle. My aunt went upstairs and came down with her standard issue ear plugs to guard against the blast. We all took cover calmly in the front lounge, but not too near the windows in case of flying glass. Someone thought they heard the sound of an aeroplane. We went quiet in case it heard us. 

Just then Mr Stretton came back again blowing his whistle intermittently. This meant 'all clear'. So we relaxed and my mother served the Sunday joint.

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