Putterills' Garage

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Early High Street Photo

By Ray Ganderton

This was taken in 1936 and is now the site of Charles Wilson. My father (Vivian Ganderton) worked there as an apprentice sprayer and panel beater. He later started his own business with a partner by the name of Gerry Weldon. The business was called WELGANS and was situated in Vaughan Road. Gerry's son, Trevor, ran Welgans until it was sold to Motor Bodies in (I believe) the 90's. Note the telephone number 106 - this meant it was the 106th registered phone in Harpenden!

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Yes my Dad, Trevor Weldon, took over the business after my grand father passed away in 1985. He ran it successfully until 2012 when he then retired. 

Welgan's repaired a car for Eric Morecambe's wife.

By Claire Parker
On 21/03/2017