Architects, Builders and Developers

We have limited knowledge of the architects who designed Harpenden's houses.  There are notes of work done by Arthur and Stanley Salisbury, without exact addresses. Their cousin Eustace Salisbury designed in the Arts & Crafts tradition and is associated with Coach Lane Cottage (39 Leyton Road - his own home), 25 Leyton Road, 28 and 30 Sauncey Avenue and probably Manland Beacon. Arthur Anscombe designed the Congregational Church and other buildings in the 1890s and early 1900s. Percival Blow's work may be more widespread than so far identified.

Many local building companies, including Jarvis brothers and Jesse Catton have left their mark - and others are noted in Street by Street, including Henry Salisbury, Percy Claridge, Fredrick Hall. Information on Websters, Fowlers and many others needs to be gathered.

Please contact us if you have information about other architects or builders working in Harpenden.