History of Harpenden Museum

The Society's collection comprises selected documents and objects formerly in the Strong Room of Harpenden Hall, which were passed to to the Society when local government passed from the Harpenden Urban District Council to St Albans and District Council in 1974.  We have also received donations from Harpenden residents, entrusted to the Society to form part of a future Museum for Harpenden.

The collection has moved several times: from 19 Arden Grove (the cottage at the back of Harpenden Hall); to a portacabin in the Harpenden Hall car park; to storage scattered around Harpenden, and currently in a small room at Park Hall, courtesy of Harpenden Town Council.  We live in hopes of a dedicated museum for Harpenden.

Meanwhile our curator arranges quarterly exhibitions in Park Hall on a wide range of themes.

We are in the (long) process of indexing our collections so they can be used as source materials for many of the pages on this website.  If you would like help in researching topics and in preparing pages to add to the site, please contact us via enquiries@harpenden-history.org.uk, to make and appointment for access to the Local History Centre.