The Key Objectives of the Society

The Society’s trustees have developed a long term Business Plan which embodies the key objectives that the Society will follow over the coming five years and beyond. Achievement of the objectives in the Plan are reviewed by trustees annually and varied where necessary.

The Society’s primary objective has been, since losing its permanent fixed museum premises attached to Harpenden Hall in 2003, to actively seek the support of the local community and local authorities to acquire, develop and maintain a site for an appropriately located and sized permanent local history museum in central Harpenden to display items from the Society’s existing and future local history collection, both in fixed displays and for exhibitions, and to provide access for the community to the local history archives for educational purposes. This objective is in the process of being achieved – see Our Museum

Currently the key objectives are:

  • Continue, following the graphic re-design completed in 2021, to develop the Harpenden History website which enables the public to make direct contributions.
  • Working towards regaining formal museum accreditation
  • Developing on-line access to digital indexes of the Society's collections
  • Transferring the digital indexes to a museum cataloguing database

The Society will, as required by Charity Commission regulation, include in its annual Trustee Report, a commentary on progress towards achieving these objectives.