More celebrations of George Hogg and the Gung Ho movement in China - September 2016

Relatives and the Chinese President's brother visit his grave

Peter Chin, Vanessa Dingley and Peter Jarvis, by the statue of George Hogg, Lanzhou City Square – Credit: Peter Chin

On 16 September 2016 Lanzhou City University, hosted the annual meeting of the Rewi Alley Research Center, which was established in December 2015 with the support of the University and under the leadership of the Gansu Provincial Government, in promotion of the Gung Ho movement. This annual meeting is listed as one of the academic events of the First Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo and High End Forum on the Rewi Alley Spirit of Internationalism and the One Belt and One Road International Forum.

George Hogg’s relatives, Peter Jarvis and Vanessa Dingley at the conference, Lanzhou City University – Credit: Peter Chan, Lanzhou, 17 September 2916

The delegates to the meeting included leaders and academic researchers from the UK, New Zealand, and USA. Among them, we were honored to have two relatives of Rewi Alley’s family, representatives of the New Zealand-China Friendship Society, the ICCIC leadership, SACU, and two relatives of George Hogg from the UK – his niece Mrs Vanessa Dingley, and great-nephew Peter Jarvis.

In the morning, we visited the old campus of the Lanzhou City University which was the original campus of the Bailie Vocational School where we presented a flower basket at the Statue of Rewi Alley and George Hogg on the campus. We also visited the George Hogg Culture Square afterward. Finally we visited the Rewi Alley and Gungho Exhibition.

The following day participants visited the grave of George Hogg in Shandan, where his relatives brought flowers, and the official delegation paid their respects.

George Hogg’s relatives – his adopted son Nie Brother 3, niece Vanessa Dingley, great-nephew Peter Jarvis, at the grave in Shandan – Credit: Peter Chin

Local officials, and Xi Yuanping, brother of the President of China Xi Jinping – Crdit: Peter Chin, Shandan, 18 September 2016

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  • This is the new year of 2017 and there were quite some celebrations of George Hogg in China and in UK, including the publication of his book I SEE A NEW CHINA in Chinese, first time after his original book in 1945; January 26 will be his 102 birthday. I hope it is time again that we come and remember him, in China and in UK.

    By Peter @ Xian (16/02/2017)

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