Electrocult Ltd

Manufacturers of soil sterilizers

Electrocult Ltd, offices, with caretaker's flat above, 1950s
Alec Holton & Harry Joyce, c. 1945
B. Joyce, LHS archives
Inside the Electorcult factory, c. 1945
Company brochure, LHS archive
Letterhead for Electrocult, c 1950

Brian Joyce recently donated a file of photographs and copies of brochures from Electrocult Ltd, the firm for which his father, Harry Joyce, worked from November 1940.

The company had started in premises in Thomsons Close, a short way up from Bowers Parade on the left hand side.  They made electrical items to support the horticultural business, such as soil sterilizers and electrical heating equipment for greenhouses.  They later moved to Station Road, Batford and became involved in other general sheet metal work products, including some for the aircraft industry.

The company was presumably incorporated into Bedco, later Imhof-Bedco, whose factory was demolished in the 1990s.  The site is now occupied by Balfour Court, a development of about 60 flats.

Some documentation about Electrocult, including trade leaflets, is held at the Museum of Rural Life.


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  • I have today read a 1946 letter from Sir Percy Ellis Bates of Hinderton Hall, Cheshire to Drake & Gorham Ltd, Manchester ordering Electrocult heaters for his greenhouses. He had been advised they were the safer option if they came into contact with any water which seems quite likely in a greenhouse!

    By Jo Bishop (25/04/2023)
  • During the mid 1970s I visited Imhof Bedco many times as a lorrry driver, working as a sub contractor for Seabourne Express of Barking; we carried mixed freight mainly for the motor industry and the growing computer market. I was travelling mainly to Scandinavia and IBM sometimes made up the bulk of the outward journey to their factory in Jarfalla, just north of Stockholme, often reloading empty IBM wooden crates in Jarfalla destined for Imhof Bedco in Harpenden, where I think the crates went for cleaning.

    A load to Imhof was very convenient for me as I lived for a short time in Aysgarth Close off Crabtree Lane, sometimes parking my lorry in the car park in Amenbury Lane, which I’m sure was frowned upon at the time….Happy days though!

    Nick Eagle, Bedford.

    By Nick Eagle (31/03/2015)
  • To Dave Lawson; Many thanks for info. I googled I/B to see if they were still around, because we worked for Jack Walsh as outside contractors, usually on the ancient boilers at Harpenden, but latterly in fitting-out the heating at Luton. I know his son worked there, but can’t remember any other contacts on site. Just remembering some of our sites after a long career in industrial heating and saw the comments page. Regards; M Turner.

    By M. Turner (06/06/2012)
  • I hope this helps: I remember Jack Walsh. He was the head of the maintenance department when I worked there years ago. I can remember many names and faces and if you are looking for more information I can probably help. I served my time at Bedco and it was a great company in which to work. I would like to catch up with ex-employees of the company, but now live in Eire.

    By Dave Lawson (25/04/2012)
  • Does anyone remember Mr. Jack Walsh at Imhof – I think they moved to an ex-Electrolux factory in Luton.

    By M Turner (13/04/2012)

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