Ploughing on Harpenden Common in WWII, January 1944

Ploughing on Harpenden Common in WWII

During World War II parts of the Common were ploughed and wheat and potatoes grown.  Volunteers of the Women’s Land Army – living at Harpenden Golf Club in Hammonds End – were trained for farm work and worked on local farms.

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  • The ploughing continued from the cricket pavillion all the way along the A6 to Cross Lane. One year it would be for wheat and the next for potatoes. The potatoes were harvested by German POWs and taken to a riddler (sorting machine) operated by the Land Army girls at the junction at the top of Queens Road and Walkers Road. They were then put in “clamps” for storage. Nothing ever tasted quite as good as a “spud” out of the fire in the “prickle dells”. Wheat was not so exciting except for the “stubble fights” after harvesting.

    By Roger Clark (23/08/2022)

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