Eighty years of change to Jarvis Houses in West Common /Jarvis West Common Houses -changes over eighty years

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4-12 West Common Way

In 2016 Jean Gardner undertook the challenge of tracing as many as possible of the houses photographed by Jim Jarvis soon after they were built on the new West Common estate in the 1930s.  She noted the alterations and in 2017 she set out to re-photograph these houses, as closely as possible from the same viewpoint.  However many are now concealed by trees and hedges and we have chosen images that identify key features of the original house design.  Jim Jarvis photographed other houses, many of which remained unidentified – please help if you can.

4-12 West Common Way

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  • My Grandpa (G.Cozens) lived at 33 West Common Way. He was a director of Commer vehicles in Luton. I loved going there when I was a kid in the 1960’s.
    Ed: Do you remember the house as it was in Jim Jarvis’s photo?

    By Martyn Cozens (08/03/2022)

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