Coleswood Road

A gallery of some of the older houses

In preparation for the Society’s exhibition “Bowling Alley to Southdown” on 3 September 2016, photos of some of the older houses were taken – see the sequence below, which starts with even numbers on the east side of the road.

We are promised more information about Coronation Cottages (4a/4beta), and hope that other residents will look out old deeds, photos or anecdotes about this road, which seems to have been established during the 1890s.

Among documents recently donated from the collection of maps and architectural drawings by Arthur & Stanley Salisbury, were designs for “Houses in Coleswood Road”, on the west side of the road, and nearly opposite Kingcroft Road – but it seems that their plans were not accepted: 17-35 Coleswood Road, marked with ** were built instead.

Designs for houses in Coleswood road, two pair at each end of a terrace, by A & S Salisbury 1925

Design for houses in Coleswood Road – pair of houses at the centre of a group, by A & S Salisbury, 1925


(hover over a photo to see the house numbers)

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  • Mike and Diana Ansell lived at No 42 from 1970 to 1972/73 with their baby daughter Adele. Lovely house backing on to open fields, now built on I’m afraid.

    By Diana Hennell (10/06/2020)
  • Hi. I grew up at 15 Coleswood Road which my parents bought from the Co-op in 1968. Although plenty of people remember it being a shop we’ve not been able to find any information or photos of it prior to it being converted to a house. I wonder if anyone had any information they could share. 

    Ed: we thought we had a photo of the Cravells Road Co-op, but this turned out to be of the Co-op Butcher’s shop at 137 Southdown Road. Do you have a photo of the house around 1968?

    By Alison Tilbury (10/01/2017)

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