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Shakespeare Road to Crabtree Lane

Haddon Court 2011
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43-45 Milton Rd 2011
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Chiltern Court 2011
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51-53 Milton Road in 2011
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Albany Court 2011
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The information was obtained from Kelly’s Directories 1901-74

Nos. 31-37 were demolished by 1974* (see Comment below) and the site became part of Haddon Court, which extended into Shakespeare Road.

No.31 was called Chadsholme, and was occupied in 1949 by Sir John Fryer.  No.33 was called Holmwood, then Greenwood.  No. 35 was called Glenelg, and in 1956 for a short time was the Glenelg Private Hotel. No.37 was called West View.

Nos. 39-45 are still standing, as two pairs of semidetached homes.  No.39 was called Seftonville, then Standen and then Glangariff.  Another house was earlier called Glangariff, and so the owner may have moved and taken the name with him. No. 41 was called Chetwynd.  No.43 was called Fairview, and then Kenleith.  No.45 was called Beechcroft.

Nos. 47 and 49 were demolished in 1974 to become Chiltern Court.  No.47 had been called Windermere, then Nevsky and then Yorbur. In 1954 it belonged to Dr. Philip Gregory, the Rothamsted plant pathologist. No. 49 was called Glangariff (see No.39) and then Stanstead.

Nos.51 and 53 are still standing.  No.51 was called Holmfield and then Glenfrain. When the Collier family moved there in 1949 it became Peterley* [see comments below]. No.53 was called Redcote, and then Greenhurst. During WWII it was an outpost of the Yugoslav embassy: the flagpole is said to date from this period.

This section from Spenser Road to Crabtree Lane was developed from 1906 onwards. No.55 was called Holmfield, (see No. 51) and was converted in 1974 into a hostel, Spelthorne St Mary, run by Anglican nuns to care for women alcoholics. Princess Diana visited in 1987.  In 1993 it was bought by Rothamsted to become a hostel for overseas students and their families, and was named Lawes Court (after the founder of Rothamsted).

Nos.57-61 were demolished in 1967 and became Albany Court. No.57 was called Ardblair, No.59 was called St Michaels, and No.61 was called Quexcroft.

Nos.63-65,  a semi-detached pair, were built in 1969, and Mr. M. Flawn, the osteopath, lived at No.65.

No.67 was redeveloped in 2008 as two houses, Nos.67-69.

Comments about this page

  • We live in Haddon Court, Milton Road, and would like to replace the windows with a style and material that resonates with when the house was built. Does anyone have any photographs from the 1960’s showing the development.

    Ed: photos from the archives sent, with thanks for their consideration in seeking to preserve/restore original features

    By christian Heath (27/03/2023)
  • Hello
    I have found a lovely postcard in an old book from Dolores in Germany to Miss Susan Collier of 51 Milton Road. I would vibe happy to send it to you if you would like it.
    Ed: we would love to have this postcard. Have you seen my email about Susan Collier? I will email you the address to which to send it.

    By Catherine Palliser (06/09/2022)
  • I lived at the Collier home, no.51 Peterley, and our neighbours at 53 were Mr and Mrs Lawrence, with one son. I used to play on their stairs as a child with his Slinky toy, and felt very envious he had such a thing! Next door the other way, so 49, were another large family whose name I forget. At 47 the Feast family lived, with my friend Lorna. Our uncle and aunt George and Bubbles Leaf rented the top floor of 47 for a few years before moving to Kirkwick Avenue. We would go to watch TV in the days before our family owned one.

    Diagonally opposite next door to the Min of Ag Fish and Foods (MAFF) lived the Radio Doctor Dr Charles Hill and his family. I remember a top floor fire which we watched out of our top floor windows . So many memories. I am still in close contact with Mary Hester from no 5.

    By Deborah McVey (01/02/2019)
  • We moved to Haddon Court, the part in a cul-de-sac off Shakespeare Road, in December 1969 as one of the first residents; by that time the Milton Road part of Haddon Court had been there a while and was fully occupied. The block along Shakespeare Road was completed early 1970. The builders of Haddon Court were called Drapers.

    By Elisabeth Field (16/10/2014)
  • We live at 43 Milton Road, and have done for the past 18 years. It’s interesting to see the house had a name!! How do you find this out? Do you know anything about who lived here?

    I think the house of our friends at number 53 was an embassy. Do you know anything more?

    ed We have collated names of houses and their number from Kelly’s Directories, which also mention the names of the owners up to the 1970s.

    By emily (19/10/2012)
  • Glengariff was my great grandfather’s house. I still have some of his headed letter paper which we use as scrap. My grandmother (Walthew) was a VAD at the hospital at Rosemary.

    By Nick Down (11/10/2011)
  • I lived at number 51 Milton Road with my family from 1949 – 1964. It is true that the house was called Glenfruin when my parents, Daniel and Margery Collier, bought it but the name was changed to Peterley.

    By Susan Collier Cross (01/08/2011)

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