Hard winters

Reminders of winters past

December 2010 brought parts of Harpenden to a standstill, with reminders of previous big freezes.  A recent project to start scanning slides (transparencies) from the 1960s onwards has revealed some images from the big freeze of 1963.

Rothamsted Park, Lime Avenue, in the great freeze, 19 January 1963
LHS collection
Pimlico cottages, West Common, in the snow, 1963
LHS collection - B. Norman

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  • In her reminiscences, written in 1978, Miss Cecily Buckmaster, who lived at 1 Douglas Road from 1899, recalled:

    “The hill opposite (now Byron Road) known at the Mushroom Field, was the source of great pleasure, as it not only grew a crop of delicious mushrooms, but served as a wonderful toboggan run in winter. ….. During the snowy weather there would be tobogganing in the dells on the Common or down Mushroom Field near my home. My first sledge was made by Mr Jarman who lived at the corner of Sun Lane, not far from the tiny little toll house, which alas has vanished! Mr Jarman made my wonderfully swift sledge in a few hours for half-a-crown.”

    By Rosemary Ross (25/01/2011)

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