War Memorial on Church Green, Harpenden

1914-18 Names

Dedication of War Memorial in 1920. Credit: LHS archives

The War Memorial on Church Green, which was dedicated in 1920, has two engraved plates listing names of 162 servicemen who died in the First World War, and a further plate with 108 names of those who died in the Second World War. The lists are not complete as there are further names on memorials in St Nicholas Church and High Street Methodist Church.  Mary Skinner has put together more information about the men on the memorial from various sources.

In the First World War list there are 29 officers and 133 other ranks, nearly all serving in army regiments, of which the most local were the Bedfordshire Regiment (38 names) and the Hertfordshire Regiment (8 names).  Other more common regiments are Northants (6), Royal Field Artillery (13), Royal Fusiliers (7), Royal Engineers (6) and Royal Garrison Artillery (4).

In the Second World War list there are 42 officers and 66 other ranks, with as many RAF casualties as in the army, and 10 in the navy including two women (Wrens).

First panel of names. Credit: Gavin Ross, April 2013

The 1914-18 list includes several names of local families, such as Day, Gray, Pearce, Seabrook and Sibley. Comparing the list with surnames in Kelly’s Directory for 1913, where there is only one matching name it is probable that the serviceman came from that address.  We know that 2nd Lt C. Blake was the son of Dr Blake of Bowers House, and his memorial in St Nicholas Church tells that he died on the Somme on 16th September 1916. Gerald Lydekker of Harpenden Lodge died in Alexandria in 1917 and Cyril Lydekker died at Gallipoli in 1915.  Memorials at Rothamsted state that Charles Martin died at Ypres in 1915 (but his name does not appear on the town memorial), and Kenneth Lewin died in the trenches in France in 1916.



From a collection of what appear to be undated cuttings from newspapers and other sources.

Allen, H.GnrR.G.A.Royal Garrison Artillery
Allen, M.R.2/LtNotts and Derby R
Andrews, S.PteLondon Scottish
Argent, W.G.V.PteR.Ir.Rif.
Atkinson, G.B.LtR. Worc. R. From St Nicholas  Parish Magazine, July 1915 p 111 – Geoffrey Buddle Atkinson Lieut 5th Worcester Regiment. Killed in action at Dardenelles age 21. Head of Headmaster’s House at Harrow. From Harrow School Registers: Son of Capt H R M B Atkinson, The Mount, Hayward’s Heath.

From ? Killed in action on June 22nd, at the Dardanelles, Lieutenant Geoffrey Buddle Atkinson (Peter) 5th Worcester Regiment, elder son of the late Hugh Buddle Atkinson, Barrister-at-Law and Mrs Atkinson, of Mount Lodge, Harpenden, aged 21

Bandy, A.E.La CplBedf. R.
Barnes, H.CplBedf. R.
Barrett, S.D.CplR.E.
Barton, F.GnrR.G.A.
Bell. G.W.PteSuff. R.
Bell, S.PteYork. R.
Bigg, C.W.PteHerts. R.
Blake, C.2/LtBedf. R. From? Killed in action on 4th September. Christopher Blake B A Cantab., 2nd Lieutenant Bedfordshire Regiment, the fourth and dearly-loved son of Dr W.H. and Mrs Blake of Harpenden , Herts aged 24
Boakes, G.A.PteR.A.S.C. (M.T.) Should be John Boakes
Boldini, A.PteR.Berks. R.
Bowling, E.R.2/LtR.W.Kent.R. From? Killed in action on June 4th. Sec. Lieut. Edwyn Randolph Bowling, Royal West Kent Regt., eldest surviving son of Rev. A.G.L. Bowling M.A. of Morton End House, Harpenden , aged 22
Bozier, G.C.PteBedf. R.
Brandom, C.H.PteM.G.C.Machine Gun Corps
Broad, D.G.Fl. Sub.LtR.N.A.S. From? On the 27th April, Flight Sub-Lieut. Dennis G Broad R.N.lost his life in action in the North Sea, dearly loved elder son of Mr and Mrs H.E. Broad, Trengrove, Harpenden. Australian papers, please copy.
Burfoot, W.J.CplR.E.
Burgess, P.CplHamps.R.
Cain, F.GnrR.F.A.Royal Field Artillery
Cain, T.PteW. Riding R.
Chalkley, W.A.PteEssex Rg William Aubrey Chalkley b.1897 d. 1st June 1918 Private 35605 Essex Regiment son of Albert Chalkley and Ellen nee Pinney is buried in St. Nicholas Churchyard Grave 0 0 36.
Chapman, F.C.PteR. Fus.
Chapmen, F.C.PteD.C.L.I.
Clarke, A.J.PteBedf. R
Clarke, A.E.2. LtYork & Lanc. R. From ? Killed in action on 20 inst, Albert Edward (Prince) Sec. Lieut. York and Lancaster Regiment, the dearly loved younger son of Mr and Mrs A.D. Clarke, of Merton, Harpenden
Cornell, R.E.SgtBedf. R.
Cross, E.W.PteM.G.C.
Crumplin, C.H.PteBedf. R.
Curtis, F.W.LtLeic. R.
Day, F.W.PteGlouc. R.
Day, G.CplDurh. L.I.
Day, R.S.La CplNorth’n R.Northampton
Day, W.T.PteBedf. R.
Deamer, P.PteHerts. R.
Dines, F.W.C.SgtBedf. R.
Dines, E.C.PteLancs R.
Dodd, E.J.LtR.F.A. From ? Killed in action on 17th July 1917. Ernest John Dodd, 2nd Lieut., R.F.A., only son of the late J.H. Dodd and Mrs Dodd, East Common, Harpenden, aged 25
Dowling, R.PteR.War. R.
Drury, E.CplBedf.R.
East, R.G.CplHerts R.
Edwards, A.L/CplSuff. R.
Edwards, S.PteHamps. R.
Ellis, F.PteBedf. R.
English, J.PteR.G.A.
Evans, D.O.2/LtKings (L’pool) R.
Field, F.PteBedf. R.
Finch, J.J.A. (M.M.)SgtR.F.A.
Firbank, E.J.PteHerts R.
Fisher, J.H.H.W.S.PteSea. Highrs Killed in action 4th August 1915, age 28; buried at first at Authuille then Peronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt
Fitzjohn, B.F.L/CplHerts Teo.
Fortunati, V.L/CplR.E. Photo in Herts Ad & St Albans Times for April 21 1917.
Foster, A.H.PteNorth’n R.
Fouldes, T.J.CaptR.F.A.
Fowler, W.F.Off. StdR.N.
Fowler, N.I.PteR.E.
Franklin, W.N.PteS.Wales Ecrt.
Freeman, F.J.2/LtW. York. R.
Freear, E.C.2/LtBedf. R.
Game, F.J.PteBedf. R.
Gardiner, F.T.CaptHigh. L.I.
Genn, J.E.PteLabour C.
Gibbs, J.H.PteBedf. R.
Gimingham, C.H.CaptR.F.C. From ? Killed in action on the 9th Nov., Captain Charles Henry Gimingham, Herts Regt. attached R.F.C., youngest and dearly loved son of Mrs Mary Christmas of Harpenden, Herts and of the late Charles Henry Gimingham.
Gooding, W.PteR.W.Fus.
Goodwin, L.CplBedf. R.
Graves, H.PteS. Wales Ecrt.
Gray, H.PteR.A.S.C. (M.T.) buried Mondicourt Communal Cemetary, 17 miles SW of Arras (information from Ian Gray – not a relative, 29.7.14)
Gray, W.PteR. Fus.
Gunnell, E.L/CplR.A.S.C.
Haines, E.W.CplBedf. R.
Hale, A.PteR.M.L.I..
Harris, E.S.PteBedf. R.
Hawkes, W.S.PteBedf. R.
Hawkins, S.PteBedf. R.
Hawkins, W.PteS.Staff.R. Also named on St Albans war memorial (St Peters); his parents lived in Cravells Road, Harpenden; he and his family in St Albans
Hayes, A.E.GnrR.F.A.
Haynes, F.GnrR.F.A.
Hill, A.SgtBedf. R.
Hill, G.W.PteHants R.

Second Panel of Names, facing Leyton Road. Credit: Gavin Ross, April 2013


Hill, L.J.Bedf. R.
Hodge, F.W. Riding. R.
Holland, J. (M.M)Herts. R.
Holland, A.Bedf.R.
Hopwood, F.E.R.E.
Howard, H.A.Bedf. R.
Howell, G.R.F.A.
Hucklesby, W.J.North’n R.
Hucklesby, H.W. Riding R.
Hunt, C.Bedf. R
Irons, A.T.M.G.C. Was local postman and lived in Park Lodge by Rothamsted Park where he is thought to have been handyman/gardener. See comment
Jennings, R.R. Suss. R.
Jennings, W.A.R.F.A.
Katon, A.E.S. Highrs.
Kingham, E.F. (M.M.)Bedf. R.
Knight, E.London Scottish
Krause, C.E.R.G.A.
 Leaning, J
Leggatt, E.G.A. & S. Highrs
Lewin, A.Bedf. R.
Lewin, A.Bedf. R.
Lewin, H. (M.M.)Bedf. R.
Lewin, R.R.D.C.L.I.
Lord, C.H.R.W. Fus.
Lord, E.C.G.I. Gus.
Luxon, T.O.Norf. R.
Lydekker, C.R.Bedf. R. From? Lieutenant Cyril Richard Lydekker, 1/5th Bedfordshire Regiment, was the second son of the late Richard Lydekker F.R.S. of Harpenden Lodge, Hertfordshire.  He was killed in Gallipoli on August 15.
Lydekker, G.O.Bedf. R.
Minall, G.Herts R. George was the son of Edward and Elizabeth Minall whose home was in Harpenden during the war, not of Harry and Ada of Childwickbury as recorded in ‘Harpenden War Memorial – A Tribute to the Men who died in the Great War’
Mockett, L.C.Tank C.
Morgan, P.K.R.Rif.C.
Morley, H.R.A.M.C.
Newton, A.D.R.F.A.
Newton, C.R.R.F.A.
Owen, C.H.High. L.I.
Pawson, A.Kings (L’pool) R.
Payne, A.W.R. W. Surr. R.
Pearce, HHamps. R.
Pearce, R.E.Bedf. R.
Pearce, H.Bedf. R.
Pepper. A.C.R. Berks R.
Perry, E.C.S. Wales Bord.
Phillips, S.R. War. R.
Portch, G.J.S.Lond. Rif. Brig.
Randall, A.H.R. Fus.
Roberts, H.Bedf. R.
Roberts, L.Labour C.
Rolph, H.Oxf. & Bucks L.I.
Rolt, H.R.W. Surr. R
De Rougement, D.L.A.R.A.S.C.
Rowley, D.T.C.Middx. R. From ? Died on 2nd July of wounds received in action July 1st, Capt. Dalbiac T. Cotton Rowley. The Middlesex Regiment, only child of R. and M.A. Cotton Rowley, The Wrekin, Harpenden, aged 27
Saker, C.A.Canadians
Saunders, W.J.Rif. Brig.
Saunders, H.E.North’n R.
Scott, V.E.R.F.A.
Seabrook, A.Bedf. R.
Seabrook, J.A.Bedf. R.
Seabrook, S.R.M.L.I.
Shafford, M.E.Kent. R.
Sibley, S.C.Glouc.R.
Sibley, R.D.G.R.A.F.
Simons, J.H.S.North’n R.
Smith, J.R. Fus
Snoxell, A.R. Suss. R.
Stevens, W.J.Bedf. R.
Sygrove, W.M.G.C.
Thomas, W.R.O.York & Lanc. R. From ? Killed in action on the 1st July , Wilfred Patrick Otto Thomas, 2nd Lieut., York and Lancashire Regiment, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Otto Thomas, The Longmynd, Harpenden aged 29
Thrale, C.R.E.His heroic death is on the Soissons Memorial in St Albans Abbey. See Comment below for more information about his family
Thrale, R.R.F.A.
Turner, J.E.R.Fus
Walthew, J.S.R.F.C.
Warwick, B.S.Bedf. R.
Wells, C.Essex R.
Westwood, G.North’n R.
Whitmarsh, W.F.Herts R.
Whittington, A.R.Fus.
Willis, R.G.R.E.
Withers, D.Rif. Brig.
Worrall, H.T.Bedf. R.
Younger, J.R.F.A.



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  • Valerie Thrale has sent us some extra information about Charles Thrale.  He was the brother of Walter Thrale, her husband’s great grandfather. They came from a large family of some 21 children. Charles was married, lived in Cravells Road Harpenden and was 31 years old when he was killed. His heroic death is remembered on the Soissons Memorial in St Albans Abbey. 

    His Service number was Sapper 159009, 106th Field Coy 

    By Diana Parrott (29/01/2019)
  • Pte A.T.Irons was my great grandfather and was the local postman. He lived in Park Lodge, by Rothamsted Park where I believe he was also a handyman or gardener there. Last time I saw Park Lodge it was boarded up and such a shame – I would love to know why. He was killed 13 April 1917 in Arras, France.

    Ed.  Thank you for this information which we will also add to the table above.  Park Lodge was renovated recently, and is still occupied.

    By Susan Rees (09/11/2018)
  • Mary Skinner has updated (2014) her 1998 booklet  “Harpenden War Memorial 1914 – 1918” which records information such as where the men were born, where they worked, lived and died. This can be viewed by clicking on the  link above, and it can be downloaded and printed. More information will be added as it becomes available.  If you have any please add as a comment to any of the war memorial pages.   

    Harpenden library and Harpenden & District Local History Society have copies of the 1998 edition.

    By Diana Parrott (03/03/2014)

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