Harpenden War Memorial WWII

1939-45 Names

Town Second World War Plaque. Credit: Gavin Ross, April 2013

The names of 108 local servicemen and women who died in the Second World War between 1936 and 1945 are listed on a separate plate on the West side of the memorial.   Compared with the First World War there are more officers killed, many being air force pilots and crew, or naval crew.

G. Fisher was George Fisher, eldest son of Sir Ronad Fisher, the eminent statistician.  D.R. Russell was the son of Sir John Russell, the Rothamsted Director, who had joined the Australian Air Force while studying in Australia.

The names may be classified as follows:

  • Army 49;  R.A.F. 49;
  • Royal Navy 10.
  • Other Ranks 27;  NCOs 39;  Officers 42.
  • Army:  Privates 21; NCOs 14; Officer 14.
  • R.A.F.: Airmen 3;  NCOs 23;  Officers 23.
  • Navy:  Wrens 2;  OS 1;  NCO 2;  Officers 5.
Abbott, S.EE.R.A. S/ClR.N
Alderson, JCaptSeaforths
Austin, K.HSgtR.A.F.
Bond, K.M.HSub/LtR.N.V.R
Bradbury, R.DSgtR.A.F.
Brearly, G.M.P/OR.A.F.
Brett, A.C.SgtR.A.F.
Cain, A.R.SgtR.A.F.
Callewaert, A.L.PteBedfs. & Herts
Canton, R.F.CaptR.A.
Chapman, L.W.PteGordons
Cheshire, A.W.CaptR.A.
Clarke, S.M.PteBedfs. & Herts.
Colmore, D.M.F/LtR.A.F.
Cooper, C.S.FusR.Ir.Fus.
Crane, P.L.2.LtR.H.A.Royal Horse Artillery
Currant, P.N.MajBedfs. & Herts
Davies, A.PteBedfs. & Herts
Davis, L.M.P/OR.A.F.
Davis, P.N.W/ComR.A.F.
Day, A.W.TprR.A.F
Deamer, S.W/WR.A.S.C.
De Mancha, R.A.P/OR.A.F.
Dines, A.E.PteBedfs. & Herts
Doble, M.I.CaptR.H.A.
Dolphin Smith, W.CaptR.H.A.
Donaldson, M.S.S.Ldg/WrenW.R.N.S.
Donaldson, W.M.M.Ord/SmnR.N.
Douglas, J.S.CaptPar. Reg. A.A.C.
Down, J.M.Mid(A)R.N.V.R.
Edginton, J.H.L/SjtMidd’x
Elder, E.V.A.SgtR.A.F.
Embery, K.A.P/OR.A.F.
Enraght, E.H.CaptR.A.P.C.Pay Corps
Fisher, G.F/LtR.A.F.
Fontaine, F.SgtR.A.F.
Gledhill, G.SgtR.A.F.
Gravestock, C.F.CplR.E.M.E.
Gray, A.P.F/SgtR.A.F.
Gray, P.CplBedfs. & Herts
Hewitt, D.J.J.PteR.Lincs
Hindsmith, J.W.P/OR.A.F.
Hodge, L.A.J.F/LtR.A.F.
Holland, S.K.SgtR.A.F. Stanley Keith Holland of Cravells Road
Hyde, A.V.L.A.C.R.A.F.
Jagger, N.SgtR.Marines
Johnston, E.G.SgtR.A.S.C.
Johnston, E.F.MajR.U.Rif.
Kennett, P.P/OR.A.F.
Kuster, P.SgtR.A.F.
Laver, W.G.SgtR.A.F.
Lockhart, K.2/LBedfs. & Herts
Lydekker, J.N.W.Sub/LtR.N.R.
MacLean, I.F/LtR.A.F.
Mahon, D.W.F/LtR.A.F.
Mander, N.J.LtThe Buffs
McCurtcheon, W.J.W.O.IIR.U.Rif
McHale, K.D.DvrR.A.S.C.
Milwood, C.RfnK.R.R.C.
Mole, N.B.F/LtR.A.F.See download at the foot of this page
Moules, J.SgtR.A.F.
Munt, J.PteR.A.M.C.
Nangle, P.C.P/OR.A.A.F.Australian Air Force
Nelson, R.F.2/LtR.Marines
Nerush, C.J.O.A.C.2R.A.F.
Nixon, W.F.Sqdn/LdrR.A.F.
Norwood, K.P.SgtR.A.F.
O’Brien, L.D.LtBedfs. & Herts
Odell, G.SprR.E.
Olver, J.L/AirR.N./F.A.A.
Painting, G.S.PteR.A.O.C.
Piddock, T.L.H.SgtR.A.F.
Prescott, T.C.P/OR.A.F.
Proctor, A.SprJoh. Vol. Engrs.
Russell, D.R.PteAus. Imp. Force
Saunders, A.J.PteR. Hampshire
Seabrook, F.J.L/BdrR.A.
Sellar, G.V.P/OR.A.F.
Shadwody, E.G.GnrR.A.
Slater, G.N.DvrR.E.
Smith, A.W.SgtR.E.
Smith, C.A.G.SgtR.E.
Smith, C.E.SigmnR. Signs
Stacey, W.H.SgtR.A.F.
Stocken, G.M.SgtR.A.F.
Stocken, M.A.WrenW.R.N.S.
Stubbs, L.G.L.SgtR.A.F.
Summers, A.J.FusR. Fus
Swaine, A.SjtR.U.Rif
Swan, D.CplOxf. & Bucks
Swan, L.V.SjtR. Marines
Taylor, H.R.PteBedfs. & Herts
Tilley, K.A/SubLtR.N. (F.A.A.)
Tilson, J.P.P/OR.A.F.
Tilson, W.G.Sq/LdrR.A.F.
Trudgett, A.PteR.A.M.C.
Trustrum, P.L.SgtR.A.F.
Veale, N.F/OR.A.F.
Viner, E.T.L/CplForesters
Ward, D.R.F/SgtR.A.F.Derrick Ward, son of Mr Ward, butcher, Southdown – LHS photo 4268 in LAF People, found in 1992 in family home at Paddock Wood
Watler, C.S.H.F/SgtR.A.F.
Weller, L.G.P/OR.A.F.
West, J.DvrR.A.S.C.
Williams, J.R.F/SgtR.A.F.
Woolston, P.F/SgtR.A.F.
Wykeham-Edwards, K.Sqgn/LdrR.A.F.
Yeoman, S.R.SgtR.A.F.
Owen, R.F.F/LtR.A.F.Added later

The War Memorial in 2013. Credit: Kenza Jerbi



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