Farms in and around Harpenden

1880s to 1930s

A selection of our photos – Home Farm, Cross Farm, Bamville Farm, Redbournbury Farm, Watler’s Farm, Upper Topstreet Farm (The Granary).  Of these, only Cross Farm still survives at the southern edge of Harpenden.

Please click on the small picture to see it full size, with a brief caption.

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  • Any photos or information about Manland Farm anywhere?
    Ed. It would appear that Manland – and Westfield – ‘commons’ were remains of old open-field systems as recorded in the 1843 Tithe award – parts in small strips. These were gradually absorbed into neighbouring landholdings and formed part of the Harpenden Estate (formerly owned by the Packe & Pym families) which was sold in 1882.

    By Lance (16/07/2022)
  • My grandmother was housekeeper to a Miss Pickering at The Granary during the mid 1940s. I visited The Granary then myself but cannot remember details now.

    By Bob Daniel (13/09/2019)
  • My granny (nee Willmott) lived in The Granary (the last two pictures in the sequence) in 1904, when she married. Her parents before that, her father being Frederick Willmott. I have a water colour of the house (see the last image). The artist was my Auntie Ethel, her maiden name was Wilmott. Can’t remember her married name, maybe Pickering. 

    By Jennifer Coville (10/09/2019)
  • The artist was my Auntie Ethel,  her maiden name was Wilmott. Can’t remember her married name,  maybe Pickering. 

    By Jennifer Coville (29/08/2019)
  • My great great grandfather William Davies was the farmer here from around 1861 till it was auctioned, I believe, in 1873. 

    By Alison Townsend (04/06/2014)

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