Harpenden's Fire Brigade

Before 1914

Harpenden Fire Brigade was formed as a volunteer force in 1880, with premises alongside the British School, Leyton Road (demolished to give access to James Marshall House and Day Centre).  A steam fire engine was funded by public subscription and formally presented on 1 August 1912. 

1. Outside Fire Station with manual pump - early 1900s
Cat no HC 182
2. Brigade with new steam pump - 1912
Cat no HC 183
3. Brigade with two pumps - 1913
Cat no HC 177
4. Fire Brigade First Aid team
Cat no HC 110
5. Fire Brigade. 1925
Cat no Slides B 2.1

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  • In picture 1, the fireman sitting on the engine, 4th from left in a nonchalant pose was my great uncle William George Read. He told me the man standing third from left, who appears to be facing away from the camera wasn’t present when the photo was taken! His image was “cut and pasted” later.

    By David Keen (18/02/2014)

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