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1  The Chalkley family

I am doing a family tree on the CHALKLEY FAMILY.  If any one can help please do so by e-mailing me at

2  The Tyler family

The Tyler family

This is a photo of my Great Auntie Nell’s family.  She is in the middle of the seated row. She had married Albert Tyler around 1900.

Second from the left in the back row is her son-in-law Denis Turner, with his wife Elsie (nee Tyler) sitting in front of him, third from the left. This is the family we saw most of when we were children.

I think Connie is fourth from the left, next to Great Aunt Nell, and I think Annie (who married Jim Dines) is the third from the right in the middle row.

Can anyone help identify the others in this photo?

Before my marriage I was Dinah Munt. My mother was Rene Weston and she was a cousin to the Tyler family. Auntie Nell was the older sister of my grandmother Annie Tuffin.

3. The Pocock family 

Brian Pocock asks if there are any descendants in the area.

“My ancestors came from Harpenden. Samuel Pocock and Elizabeth Pocock (nee Lovett) had 9 children three of who came to Australia. Hannah Pocock was the first 1837 on the ‘Harley’ (linked to George Gregory) Her brother John followed in 1839 on the ‘Ganges’. We have letters from two siblings, Emma Pocock (unmarried) and Ann Cooper. I am looking for living relatives in Hertfordshire.”

4. George and Mary Gregory

Lorraine Fullerton asks:

“I am attempting to follow the footsteps of my Great Grandfather. George Gregory and his wife, Mary, who came from Harpenden to South Australia on the ship ‘Hartley’ arriving at Kangaroo Island, South Australia in 1837. I am enquiring about the area that my Great Grandfather came from, as he was listed on the passenger list of the ship as a “Gardener from Harpenden”. I gather that it may have been a grain-growing region of England. I am planning in the future to visit your area.

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  • George Gregory married Mary Price on 29 April 1837 in Harpenden (from Herts Names Online database published by HALS).

    By Felicity Brimblecombe (25/11/2020)
  • Mr and Mrs Pocock lived in Tallents Crescent in the 1960s but I do not know of any living relatives. With them lived an old friend Ted Beaser. Ted was in great demand as a skilled gardener having been trained as a young man on the Luton Hoo estate at the time of the Wernhers.

    By John Wyborn (18/05/2020)
  • Susan Homewood came across this page and has sent this extra information about the photo of the Tyler family: “I am happy to recognise Denis and Elsie Turner, already identified, and also Ann and Jim Dines. All lovely people! I was specially fond of Elsie Turner, who was a good friend of my mother’s in those days. Jim Dines is 2nd from right, back row.The Turners and the Dineses were members of Harpenden Congregational church where my father was minister from 1950 to 1971. Two other people in the photo are familiar to me but I’ll ask if my siblings remember their names.Kind regards, Susan Homewood (b. 1958)

    By Diana Parrott (04/04/2020)

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