Indexes of the Society's collections

Indexing of artefacts, photos and the many files of information has been underway for many years, but remains work in progress.

We aim to have our digital Archive Index, Index of printed photos, and folders digitised images available for searches by visitors to the Les Casey Archive Room, with the assistance of our Museum Volunteers, during Museum opening hours or by prior arrangement withour small team of archivists.

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The Archive Index covers themes from Archaeology & Geology to extensive files on the 1914-18 and 1939-45 World Wars:

  • Archaeology & Geology from the pre-Roman period to the Saxons  (RB 1-8) and Local geology including the Dry Valley RB-LAF 9)
  • Businesses - small and large (invoices/business cards) , pubs, breweries, banks, post offices, cinemas

to be continued