A Local History Quiz 2021

and now you can peek at the answers - in the downloadable document at the end!

Here are some quiz questions on Harpenden’s local history.  They have been set by Diana Brimblecombe and Tony Berk, members of the Harpenden & District Local History Society and they are St Albans City Guides.

There are no prizes it is just for fun and to test your knowledge of Harpenden local history.

There  are two parts.  The questions in part 1 are easy; those in part 2 more difficult but if you need help, the answers can be found by searching this website. 


  1. What’s the name of the ironmongers in Southdown? Is it a) Open All Hours
    b) Southdown Hardware  c) Aladdin’s Cave.
  2. Which river runs through Batford?
  3. What’s the name of the coffee van on the concourse outside the Library? Is it a) Enzo
    b) Emma  c) Emilio
  4. Which two pubs on the Lower Luton Road are named for two Mediterranean countries?
  5. Does Mowgli live in this road?
  6. Harpenden is on the A1081.  How long is this road?
  7. What mysteriously disappeared and reappeared months later in 2020 in Southdown?
  8. Which parliamentary constituency is Harpenden in ?  Is it a) Harpenden & St Albans
    b) Harpenden & Hitchin  c) Harpenden & Central Herts
  9. Is it true there was a stray cats’ home in the High St in the ‘30s?
  10. Starting with Harpenden and ending at St Pancras, how many stations are there?
    Name them.


1.  How did Amenbury Lane get its name?
2.  How is road drainage cleaned on its way to the outfall on the ponds on the common?
3.  Which important house did William Cressy own?
4.  Who designed the war memorial cross?
5.  Where can you find two statues chatting together?
6.  What was the Count de Voilemont’s real name?
7.  What is the modern name for Bowling Alley?
8.  What lies under Leyton Green?
9.  Who was the baker of the Dene?
10.  To the nearest 4,000, how many vehicles pass through the High Street each normal                    working day?




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