The Scholarship Examination

For pupils aged 11

This exam paper from 1940 was found amongst the Gingell papers in the Local History archive, perhaps it was an exam taken by one of his children?
If you are going to “have a go”, note that the time allowed is 1 hour 10 minutes; that page 2 is Mental Arithmetic¬† and page 3 is Written.

Good Luck!

For those who do not know Imperial Measures, the following abbreviated tables may be necessary.

Money for questions c, e, j, k, 4, 6, 9 and 10
12d. (pence) = 1s.(shilling)
20s. = £1

Weight for questions e, and 3
112lb. (pounds) = 1 cwt.(hundredweight)
20cwt. = 1ton

Distance for questions h, i, 5 and 7
12″ (inches) = 1 ft. (foot)
3ft. = 1 yd. (yard)
1760 yards (5280 ft.) = 1 mile

If you attempt to answer this exam paper, taken in 1940 by 11-year olds, your comments whether you are successful or not, would be welcome in the Comments Box below. If you are a schoolchild, please also give your age. (Help from Parents or Grandparents may or may not be useful !!!)

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