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More Photos of 1953 Coronation Procession

Those Hardenwick Policemen again

Unfortunately these photographs aren’t up to my father’s usual high standards, but may prove interesting. The Hardenwick School float carries a giant crown and banners proclaiming ‘The British Commonwealth and Empire Loyal Subjects of the Crown’. Boys representing all the countries, and wearing ‘suitable’ costumes carried sticks with the Countries’ name surmounted by a crown and ER Logo. Some boys are on the lorry and others walking behind. A guard of ‘Policemen’ surrounded the float, and as the details are not good I include a photo of Yours Truly representing Singapore as I was one of the walkers.

There is then a float of girls whose identity I don’t know and some superb ancient velocipedes. The location is Leyton Road looking across towards the Cross Keys.

Ed. There is a press photo of the ‘Policemen’ escorting the Fairy Queen to her ‘Coronation Ball’ on the Hardenwick School page.

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  • I remember the Hardenwick contribution as, much to my embarassment I was blacked up and carried a mock banana leaf to represent Jamaica.

    By George Wolfe (06/07/2019)

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