The Weston family of Alma Cottage, Coleswood Road

Dinah Castle lent her family albums to the Society in early 2012.  To her frustration many of the photos were unidentified, but it is possible to put together a brief outline of the lives of her grandparents Bert and Annie Weston in Southdown from the early 1900s to the 1950s.

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  • I was so surprised to see these photographs as they show some of my relatives. The third photo includes a picture of my two Great Aunts, Annie and Ciss, who were my grandad’s two sisters (his name being Tom Tuffin), the ninth photo shows my Great Aunt Annie again with my Auntie Rene who married Ken Munt and had two daughters, Susan and Dinah. The eleventh photo not only shows my Auntie Rene but also my father (Ronald Tuffin). He is the one seated at the front at the left hand end. The photo below that shows my grandmother (Rose Tuffin) who is the one standing third from the left.

    Ed: we have added numbers to the photos, and included the names (but not the relationships) you have mentioned.

    By Barbara Stickley (formerly Tuffin) (05/02/2014)
  • Small world, Rita (above) and I were next door neigbours in the 60s.

    By Roger Clark (12/06/2013)
  • I remember the trades bike outside Bert Weston’s shop. My brother used to ride it delivering groceries and at other times give me a lift in the basket.

    By Roger Clark (06/06/2013)
  • In the 1924/25 photograph of St John’s school, the lad on the right at the end of the back row near the tree is, I believe, is my father Rob Andrews, who lived in the cottages at the top of Piggots Hill. He was the 9th of a family of 11. He worked first as a blacksmith at Oggelsbys in Southdown and was later as a diesel mechanic for Saunders in Southdown Road. I believe the site is now King’s square or something of that ilk. (King’s Court, ed).

    By Rita Chapman (19/04/2013)

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