Aldwickbury Farm

Photos from the 1950s

By Michael Richmond

Here are some photo's of the farm in the late 1950's. This is in response to the "can you help" regarding the old barn at the top of Piggotts Hill Lane.

Photo:1. To the rear of the old main barn in the farmyard.

1. To the rear of the old main barn in the farmyard.

M. Richmond

Photo:2. Rear of the main barn with the granary to the right.

2. Rear of the main barn with the granary to the right.

M. Richmond

Photo:3. Lower yard. The barn on the right stood along the lane and the one at the bottom stood on the Wheathampstead Road.

3. Lower yard. The barn on the right stood along the lane and the one at the bottom stood on the Wheathampstead Road.

M. Richmond

Photo:Piggottshill Lane with Aldwickbury Farm barns - April 1930

Piggottshill Lane with Aldwickbury Farm barns - April 1930

LHS archives - scan, B 2.85

This page was added by Michael Richmond on 12/03/2013.
Comments about this page

Oh what happy memories these photos bring back. Summer was the best time - I watched the swallows and swifts flying in and out of the barn for hours.

By Julius Bertram
On 30/03/2013

Julius, Glad you like the photos. What time period are you referring to about watching the swallows? Did/do you live nearby the farm? Michael

By Michael Richmond
On 06/04/2013

My parents lived in Aldwickbury Farm Cottages when I was born in 1952, as my Dad worked on the farm.

On 25/04/2013

Stephen, Interesting. Can you tell me the location of the cottages? Thanks

By Michael Richmond
On 08/05/2013

By Mr Garth Rogers (23/05/2013) - also posted on The Old Barn query page.

I am trying to pinpoint where Sir Geoffrey deHavilland lived in the 1940s. He left Aldwick House Farm, Piggotts Hill Lane in 1946. Did the old Farmhouse become a mansion? Was it pulled down or was it incorporated in the school? Any information welcome. 

By Rosemary Ross
On 23/05/2013

Michael - Sorry for delay in response. Both my parents are in their late 80s/90s and as I was only months old when we lived in the cottages it is difficult to put it all together. The cottages they lived in are still on the site behind the new development. It looks like one cottage now but it was two. My Dad still can recognize aspects of the garden trees etc. He describes the cottages as being in the farm yard which, looking at their position and the road lay out, is probably correct. He says next door was a pig barn with loads of pigs. Looking at the picture it could be the building on the right with the cottages in front facing.

On 04/06/2013

Thank you Stephen - You refer to the pig barn. Was that the one of timber construction made of old railway sleepers right next to the cottages?

By Michael Richmond
On 18/06/2013

Hello Stephen Whiting. Do your parents remember my family? We used to own and farm Aldwickbury in the 1950's. I was a small child but remember the barns and the dovecot well. I remember the cottages - do you remember Mr and Mrs. Howard who lived in one half? I am very sad to see the farm buildings have all been destroyed.

By Julia Hett
On 15/12/2013

Julia. Have spoken to my Mum and Dad who remember your parents and can recall a baby in a pushchair. I am 61 and we left Aldwickbury Farm when I was only months old. They also know and have knowledge of the Howards. Mrs Howard apparently worked at the Almagam in Batford which I think was a rubber factory and she was deaf. By coincidence their son lived next door to Dad's brother in Francis Ave. St Albans. My parents also recall the Farm Manager Mr May who lived next door to Johnny Franklin in the cottages in Piggottshill Lane long since demolished. My Dad also remembers a place next to Aldwickbury School that sold flowers and the like. In answer to Michael's question I think that is the pig barn in the picture. Hope this helps. My Dad's short term memory is non existent but he has many stories on his faming life. Stephen Whiting

On 07/01/2014

Hi Stephen, the baby in the push chair was either me (born 1947) or my brother born 1944. Yes I remember Mrs. Howard being deaf - sadly her husband commited suicide. I remember Mr May too but I think he may have been an alcoholic as he had a temper and was very rude to my father! In answer to Rosemary Ross the DeHavillands lived at Aldwick Manor which was the farmhouse in the lower farmyard. They must have moved on when the big house became a school in about 1950 and my grandmother moved into the manor. They may have gone nearer Hatfield? Other people we knew connected to the airfield lived at Gustard Wood. I believe the manor has been divided into flats? I hope it is still standing it was quite old and mlght have been listed?

By Julia Hett
On 21/01/2014

I remember the farm buildings well, I used to walk across the corn field opposite to get to Crabtree Lane and Cowper Road. Opposite was a large field where the Wimpey estate was built when I was about 8 or so in the early sixties. There were two cottages on the corner of the road, I don't know if they were farm cottages but my Grandparents lived there. My grandfather was Charlie or Wag Floyd, he was related to the Floyds who lived in Wheathampstead. I was interested to see the comments by Stephen Whiting as I used to sit next to him through junior school at St Nicholas. The large corn field near what is now Alzey Gardens had a kissing gate. There was also the archery club near Cowper Road and what must have been the camp where some of the evacuee families lived. Now alas houses. Steven Floyd

By Steven Floyd
On 25/03/2014

As a child I spent a lot of time playing at Aldwickbury Manor, with Spencer and Gemma Berry, the children of Tony and Marion Berry who owned the manor back then. My nan, Mrs Kiff was their housekeeper. The manor house was massive and very grand with swimming pool and woodland path leading to the school.  I have very fond memories of that time, late 70s early 80s. Tony Berry was an extremely humble and kind man and I believe a self made man. Sadly I lost touch with Spencer and Gemma 

By Tammy Donoghue
On 07/03/2017

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