Church Green in the early 1890s

A panoramic view formed from old prints

We can now present two versions of the Panorama of Church Green in the 1890s.  The first was produced photographically probably by Eric Meadows in the 1980s.  The second has been produced digitally by David Anderton in October 2011, using GIMP 2.6 software to blend the three component photos and erase joins, on fresh scans of the originals in our archives.  The two outer photos were taken by Frederick Thurston in 1887, and the central photo is of the village firemen's procession on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Rothamsted Experimental Station (now Rothamsted Research) in 1893.  The new version shows the procession coming along the High Street past the Old Cock inn, whereas the earlier version shows cows wandering in the High Street near the Cock Pond!

Photo:Panorama, photographically produced, 1980s

Panorama, photographically produced, 1980s

Eric Meadow, from two photos by Frederick Thurston, and an unknown photographer

Photo:Panorama, digitally created from scans

Panorama, digitally created from scans

David Anderton, October 2011, from Frederick Thurston and anon. prints

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